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Whenever I’m strolling along the beach I collect sea glass and shells. They are so beautiful and fascinating. Having quite a collection now I decided to make some jewellery with some of my finds to share the natural beauty with others.

Sea glass is physically and chemically weathered glass found on beaches along bodies of salt water. Sea glass is from glass discarded in or near the sea. It can take over 30 years and sometimes as much as 100 years, to acquire its characteristic texture and shape caused by being tumbled in the sea and sand.

An older and more romantic definition is that Sea Glass was said to be ‘Mermaid Tears”

The jewellery is hand wired with 925 sterling silver wire and can be purchased with or without a chain. The chain (snake Chain) is also 925 sterling silver and available in 16″ or 18″ lengths. Email me if you are interested in purchasing one of these unique pieces.

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