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Here are a few comments that visitors to my exhibitions have been kind enough to leave.


" So relaxing and peaceful"

"Lovely SeaScapes, I feel like I've been on Holiday"


"Beautiful Paintings - I love the colours!"

"Awesome, very impressive"

"Superb Seascapes"

"Fantastic use of colour and composition"

"Bold and Bright landscapes! Particularly like the the woodland shadows"

"What gorgeous waves"


"Wonderful paintings, they really have a very warm feel"


"Brilliant - These are happy paintings"


"Exciting talented work" 

"Loved talking with you about how you paint"

"The colour lightened my mood as soon as I walked in"


"A lovely lady with fantastic and inspiring work"

"Stimulating paintings"

"Wonderful, beautiful work. Love the textures"

"I love the vibrancy used in your paintings - lovely work!" 


"Really interesting tolerant how you achieved all those textures, great to talk to you, thank you"

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